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Owning a Home in Charlotte

Charlotte ranks among the hottest real estate markets in the U.S, following a multi-year trend of developers and investors focusing on Sun Belt cities like Charlotte for economic growth potential. From planning for closing costs to approaching the board approval process, there's a lot to learn.

That's why we've created this buyer's guide to set you on the right course to owning a Charlotte home of your own.


Choosing a Buyer Agent

Your Agent’s Primary Role is to:

  • Guide you through your home search and help find relevant inventory
  • Advise you on pricing, contracts, and the transaction process
  • Negotiate on your behalf, with your best interest in mind
    (Discuss agency and representation with your agent directly)

What To Consider When Finding an Agent:

  • Communication style
  • Industry knowledge
  • Neighborhood expertise

Principles of Buyer Agency:

  • Disclosure, Confidentiality, Diligence

Your Home Search

Why Am I Buying a House?

Understanding your motivation for the move will help keep you focused on your priorities.


  • Understand home types and their pros and cons (Condos vs. Fee Simple)
  • Make a list of your must haves and deal breakers
  • Think about the type of neighborhood you see yourself in
  • Anticipate how long you want to live in this home
  • Communicate with your agent about your needs
  • Be flexible and open to alternatives

Cost of Homeownership

Costs to Consider

  • Buying a home involves more than just a down payment and figuring out the monthly mortgage. A range of out-of-pocket expenses can arise during and after the transaction, so be sure to discuss these with your lender and your agent to be prepared.

Lender Fees

  • Loan Application; Credit Report ($15–30*); Appraisal ($300–500*)

Due Diligence Fee & Earnest Money Deposit

  • DD and EMD are negotiable fees between the buyer and seller


  • Home inspection ($400–1,000+*); Radon inspection ($100–250*);
    Termite inspection ($75-125+*)

Closing Costs

  • Rough estimate is about 3% of the sales price. This includes recordation taxes, title insurance, all lender fees and settlement charges. Settlement costs can also be incorporated into the loan, or be reduced with increases to the interest rate
    on the loan.

Moving Fees

Repair and Maintenance Costs



Determine What You Can Afford

  • Figure out how much cash you have for a down payment. Find out your credit score and whether you need to take action to remediate. Calculate how much you’d be comfortable spending. Consider your lifestyle and how this purchase may impact your monthly budget. Meet with a lender to discuss your options. They will look at your credit, all accounts, income, and debt history to calculate what you can realistically afford.

Buyer's Guide

A complimentary guide when looking to buy a home in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Your Market Report will include:

Average property values, inventory, and market changes for North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.


Real Estate Market Reports

Use our Market Reports to inform your decisions before buying or selling real estate in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.


1. Organize

Keep track of the homes you like and save them in one place.


2. Collaborate

Invite your spouse, parents, or friends to join your search.


3. Discuss

Share comments about the homes so all communication is centralized.


4. Keep Track

Receive automated price and status updates about the homes in real time.


5. Get Started

Collections is a curated visual workspace where we can easily organize the homes you want to see and discuss them together.

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